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Miss Universe 2009
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Date August 23, 2009
Presenters Billy Bush, Claudia Jordan
Entertainment Flo Rida, David Guetta, Kelly Rowland, and Heidi Montag
Venue Imperial Ballroom, Atlantis Paradise Island, Nassau, Bahamas
Broadcaster NBC, Telemundo
Entrants 84
Placements 15
Withdraws Antigua & Barbuda, Denmark, Kazakhstan, Sri Lanka, Trinidad & Tobago
Returns Bulgaria, Ethiopia, Guyana, Iceland, Lebanon, Namibia, Romania, Sweden, Zambia
Winner Stefania Fernandez
Represented Venezuela
Congeniality Wang Jingyao
Best National Costume Diana Broce
Photogenic Chutima Durongdej

Atlantis Paradise Island, Bahamas.
Participating nations and territories and results.Miss Universe 2009, the 58th Miss Universe pageant, was held at the Atlantis Paradise Island, in Nassau, Bahamas on August 23, 2009. It was the first time back to back victories in Miss Universe history: Stefania Fernandez of Venezuela, was crowned Miss Universe 2009 by outgoing titleholder Dayana Mendoza. 84 countries and territories competed for the title and the pageant was broadcasted live on NBC and Telemundo. On August 22, Jewel Selver representing Turks & Caicos withdrew from the pageant due to illness (dehydration). Only 83 contestants competed in the final on August 23.

The presentation show, rehearsals, dress rehearsal and the grand final took place at Imperial Ballroom, the main 3,650 seats convention ballroom, at the Atlantis Paradise Island Resort.

Final results Contestant
Miss Universe 2009 Venezuela - Stefanía Fernández

1st Runner-up Dominican Republic - Ada de la Cruz

2nd Runner-up Kosovo - Marigona Dragusha

3rd Runner-up Australia - Rachael Finch

4th Runner-up Puerto Rico - Mayra Matos

Top 10 France - Chloé Mortaud
South Africa - Tatum Keshwar
Czech Republic - Iveta Lutovská
Switzerland - Whitney Toyloy
USA - Kristen Dalton

Top 15 Albania - Hasna Xhukiçi
Belgium - Zeynep Sever
Sweden - Renate Cerljen
Croatia - Sarah Ćosić
Iceland - Ingibjörg Egilsdóttir

Final competition scores
[Country Swimsuit Evening Gown
Venezuela 8.760 (4) 8.869 (5)
Dominican Republic 9.189 (2) 9.428 (1)
Kosovo 8.790 (3) 9.250 (2)
Australia 9.264 (1) 9.039 (4)
Puerto Rico 8.533 (7) 9.050 (3)
France 8.640 (5) 8.650 (6)
South Africa 8.460 (8) 8.040 (7)
Czech Republic 8.350 (9) 8.010 (8)
Switzerland 8.611 (6) 7.890 (9)
United States 8.060 (10) 7.550 (10)
Albania 7.900 (11)
Belgium 7.870 (12)
Sweden 7.830 (13)
Croatia 7.811 (14)
Iceland 7.730 (15)

Top 15

1. Puerto Rico
2. Iceland
3. Albania
4. Czech Republic
5. Belgium
6. Dominican Republic
7. Sweden
8. Kosovo
9. Australia
10. France
11. Switzerland
12. South Africa
13. USA
14. Croatia
15. Venezuela

Top 10
1. Australia
2. Venezuela
3. South Africa
4. Dominican Republic
5. Kosovo
6. Czech Republic
7. Switzerland
8. Puerto Rico
9. USA
10. France

Top 5
1. Dominican Republic
2. Australia
3. Puerto Rico
4. Venezuela
5. Kosovo

Special awards
Award Contestant
Miss Congeniality China - Wang Jingyao

Miss Photogenic Thailand - Chutima Durongdej

Best National Costume Panama - Diana Broce

Background music
Opening Number: "I Gotta Feeling" by Black Eyed Peas, "Fire Burning" by Sean Kingston
Fashion Shoot Presentation: "Body Language" by Heidi Montag (Live performance)
Swimsuit Competition: "Right Round" and "Jump" by Flo Rida (Live performance)
Evening Gown Competition: "When Love Takes Over" by David Guetta featuring Kelly Rowland (Live performance)
Presentation show
This marks the first time the Miss Universe preliminary competition was streamed online to a worldwide audience.

At the Preliminary Competition all contestants competed in the Swimsuit and Evening Gown categories as part of the selection for the top 15 finalists who will be revealed during the beginning of the two-hour live telecast of the 2009 Miss Universe Pageant live on NBC and Telemundo on Sunday, August 23 at 0100 GMT.

The Preliminary Competition was hosted by Miss Universe 2008, Dayana Mendoza and Local Bahamas radio personality Ed Fields. London based singer Anthoney Wright performed his hit song "Wud if I Cud" during the competition.

Final show
This marked the first time the Miss Universe live telecast was introduced by Donald Trump.

84 contestants pre-taped the national costume introduction including Turks & Caicos – Jewel Selver. Top 15 were announced, followed by Dayana Mendoza sharing about her experiences as Miss Universe 2008. The Top 15 semi-finalists competed in the Swimsuit competition which Top 10 finalists completed in the Evening Gown competition. The televised audiences could see the judges' average combined scores. Before announcing the finalists, there were two special awards – Miss Congeniality and Miss Photogenic were given. Both two Asian claimed all the special awards - Wang Jingyao of China and Chutima Durongdej of Thailand. Dayana Mendoza revealed that the new Miss Universe crown was the “Peace” model. The Top 5 finalists completed in the though final question round. The 4 runner-ups announced first, followed by the new Miss Universe 2009 – Stefanía Fernández.

The live telecast was hosted by Access Hollywood, Billy Bush and Celebrity Apprentice Claudia Jordan. For the first time, special guest – Heidi Montag performed her first official single Body Language during the Top 15 fashion shoot presentation. When Flo Rida performed during the Top 15 swimsuit competition, and David Guetta featuring Kelly Rowland performed during the Top 10 evening gown competition.

The pageant was also historically significant, using Skype for the first time for the final question. Mayra Matos representing Puerto Rico was asked by Miss Universe 2007 Riyo Mori from Japan via Skype.

Telecast Judges
Keisha Whitaker – Fashion Maven and Founder of the Kissable Couture Lip Gloss line.
Tamara Tunie – Actress, "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit".
George Maloof Jr. – Professional Sports Mogul and Hotelier.
Farouk – Founder and Chairman of CHI Hair Care.
Richard LeFrak – Chairman, President and CEO LeFrak Organization.
Heather Kerzner – Philanthropist and Ambassador for Kerzner International and Resorts.
Matthew Rolston – Leading Photographer and Director.
Dean Cain – Actor and Producer.
Colin Cowie – Author, Television Personality and Designer to the Stars.
Valeria Mazza – International Supermodel.
Andre Leon Talley – Award-winning Writer and Editor.
Gerry DeVeaux – Award-winning Producer, Songwriter and Style Guru.

Preliminary Judges
Mark Wylie – Best Buddies Talent Executive.
Adriana Ching – Licensed attorney and a former real estate developer avid philanthropist.
Todd Winston – Veteran of the hospitality industry and Vice President of Sales at Creative Promotional.
Rosalina Lydster – Fashion designer for celebrities.
Tiza Tjokroadisumarto – Director of Retail Operations for Michael Kors.
Corinne Nicolas – President of Trump Model Management.
David Friedman – Last Call with Carson Daly Executive Producer.
Steven Schillaci – Talent Producer for many hit shows including American Idol.
Mario Mosley – Hollywood Choreographer of Oxygen’s Dance Your Ass Off.
Sarah Markantonis – Ambassador of Kerzner International Bahamas.

Venezuela won Miss Universe back to back 2008 and 2009.
Countries who also entered the top 15 previous year were Australia, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Kosovo, South Africa, USA, and Venezuela.
Croatia placed for the first time.
Puerto Rico, Switzerland and Sweden last placed in 2006. Zuleyka Rivera (who eventually won the crown), Lauriane Gillieron (who placed 2nd runner-up), and Josephine Alhanko (who placed among the Top 20 semifinalists), were the last placers for these countries, respectively.
Albania last placed in 2002, the last being Anisa Kospiri who placed among the Top 10 semi-finalists.
France last placed 2001, the last being Élodie Gossuin who placed among the Top 10 semi-finalists.
Belgium last placed in 1992, the last being Anke Van dermeersch who placed among the Top 6 finalists.
Iceland last placed in 1980, the last being Guðbjörg Sigurdardóttir who placed among the Top 12 semi-finalists.
China won Miss Congeniality for the second time, the last being Zhang Ningning in 2007.
Thailand won Miss Photogenic for the second time, the last being Pasaraporn Chaimongkol in 1990.
Panama won Best National Costume for the third time, the last being Jessica Rodriguez in 2004.
Dominican Republic scored its first back-to-back placement ever in pageant history.
Australia scored its first back-to-back placement since 1992-1993 and its highest since the victory of Jennifer Hawkins.
The host delegate, Kiara Sherman of the Bahamas, failed to place in the semifinals. The last time the host delegate failed to place was in 2005 - Chananporn Rosjan of Thailand.
Billy Bush hosted the pageant for the fourth time, while Claudia Jordan hosted the pageant for the first time. Jordan sat as one of the judges during 2006 and Miss USA 2009.
For the first time, there was a "live" performance during the Fashion Shoot Presentation.

Albania - Hasna Xhukiçi
Angola - Nelsa Alves
Argentina - Johanna Lasic
Aruba - Dianne Croes
Australia - Rachael Finch
Bahamas - Kiara Sherman
Belgium - Zeynep Sever
Bolivia - Dominique Peltier
Brazil - Larissa Costa
Bulgaria - Elitsa Lubenova
Canada - Mariana Valente
Cayman Islands - Nicosia Lawson
China - Wang Jingyao
Colombia - Michelle Rouillard
Costa Rica - Jessica Umaña
Croatia - Sarah Ćosić
Curaçao - Angenie Simon
Cyprus - Kielia Giasemidou
Czech Republic - Iveta Lutovská
Dominican Republic - Ada de la Cruz
Ecuador - Sandra Vinces
Egypt - Elham Wagdi
El Salvador - Mayella Mena
Estonia - Diana Arno
Ethiopia - Melat Yante
Finland - Essi Pöysti
France - Chloé Mortaud
Georgia - Lika Ordzhonikidze
Germany - Martina Lee
Ghana - Jennifer Koranteng
Great Britain - Clair Cooper
Greece - Viviana Kampanile-Zagorianakou
Guam - Racine Manley
Guatemala - Lourdes Figueroa
Guyana - Jenel Cox
Honduras - Bélgica Suárez
Hungary - Zsuzsa Budai
Iceland - Ingibjörg Egilsdóttir
India - Ekta Choudhry
Indonesia - Zivanna Letisha Siregar
Ireland - Diana Donnelly
Israel - Julia Dyment
Italy - Laura Valenti
Jamaica - Carolyn Yapp
Japan - Emiri Miyasaka
Korea - Ri Na
Kosovo - Marigona Dragusha
Lebanon - Martine Andraos
Malaysia - Joannabelle Ng
Mauritius - Anaïs Veerapatren
Mexico - Karla Carrillo
Montenegro - Anja Jovanović
Namibia - Happie Ntelamo
Netherlands - Avalon-Chanel Weyzig
New Zealand - Katie Taylor
Nicaragua - Indiana Sánchez
Nigeria - Sandra Otohwo
Norway - Eli Landa
Panama - Diana Broce
Paraguay - Mareike Baumgarten
Peru - Karen Schwarz
Philippines - Pamela Bianca Manalo
Poland - Angelika Jakubowska
Puerto Rico - Mayra Matos
Romania - Bianca Elena Constantin
Russia - Sofia Rudieva
Serbia - Dragana Atlija
Singapore - Rachel Kum
Slovak Republic - Denisa Mendrejová
Slovenia - Mirela Korač
South Africa - Tatum Keshwar
Spain - Estíbaliz Pereira
Sweden - Renate Cerljen
Switzerland - Whitney Toyloy
Tanzania - Illuminata James
Thailand - Chutima Durongdej
Turkey - Senem Kuyucuoğlu
Turks & Caicos - Jewel Selver (withdrew before the final)
Ukraine - Kristina Kots-Gotlib
Uruguay - Cintia Dottone
USA - Kristen Dalton
Venezuela - Stefanía Fernández
Vietnam - Võ Hoàng Yến
Zambia - Andella Chileshe Matthews

National pageant notes
Country changes
United Kingdom changed its name to UK last year, and this year it changed back its name to Great Britain, which was last used in 2000.

Returning countries and territories
Romania last competed in 1998.
Ethiopia, Iceland, Namibia and Sweden last competed in 2006.
Bulgaria, Guyana, Lebanon and Zambia last competed in 2007.

Antigua & Barbuda
Kazakhstan: Olga Nikitina did not compete in Miss Universe for lack of sponsoring from her country.
Northern Marianas: Sorene Maratita, Miss Marianas Universe 2009, did not compete in Miss Universe 2009 due to lack of sponsorship and funding. She will only compete in Miss International 2009.
Sri Lanka: Faith Landers did not participate in Miss Universe 2009 despite being announced that she would.
St. Vincent & the Grenadines: Ronique Dellimore did not compete in Miss Universe 2009, although the press in her country announced that she would.
Trinidad & Tobago: Peter Elias, the franchise holder for Trinidad & Tobago has confirmed that the Caribbean nation did not send a delegate to Miss Universe 2009 due to lack of sponsorship. The Government of Trinidad and Tobago was informed by Peter Elias in 2008 that it was difficult for him to find sponsorship and that he would no longer be able to fund the girls. The Government aware of this announced that this competition is for private investment and not Government investment.
Turks & Caicos: Jewel Selver withdrew from the competition less than 24 hours before the Presentation Night. Claiming she was suffering from dehydration.Selver was the first delegate to withdraw during preparations for the event on location, for many years.

Contestants notes

Some of the delegates have won or participated / will participate in other pageants or model contests:

Kiara Sherman (Bahamas) was Miss Teen Bahamas 2000 – 2001.
Zeynep Sever (Belgium) competed in Miss Globe 2007.
Zeynep Sever (Belgium), Chloé Mortaud (France), Martine Andraos (Lebanon), Anaïs Veerapatren (Mauritius), Happie Ntelamo (Namibia), Avalon-Chanel Weyzig (Netherlands), and Tatum Keshwar (South Africa) competed in Miss World 2009 in Johannesburg, South Africa on December 12, 2009. South Africa placed 2nd Runner-up and won Queen of Africa, while France finished 3rd Runner-up (Top 7 finalists).
Nicosia Lawson (Cayman Islands) competed in Miss World 2008, but did not place.
Jessica Umaña (Costa Rica) competed in Miss Costa Rica 2008, where she was disqualified due to illness. However, she entered the pageant once again a year later, and won.
Iveta Lutovská (Czech Republic) previously held the title of Miss Model of the World 2007.
Ada de la Cruz (Dominican Republic) competed in Miss World 2007 and won the Beach Beauty Award, which gave her an automatic semi-finalist spot that year.
Sandra Vinces (Ecuador) placed in the Top 10 at Miss Top Model of the Globe 2008.
Elham Wagdi (Egypt), was previously first runner up in the 2005 Miss Egypt pageant. Elham won Miss Universe Egypt 2009 and has competed in Miss Earth 2005, Miss International 2006, and Miss Intercontinental 2007 (where she was a semi-finalist).
Melat Yante (Ethiopia) is the current Ethiopia's Next Top Model.
Clair Cooper (Great Britain) represented England at Miss Earth 2007, but did not place.
Lika Ordzhonikidze (Georgia) competed in Miss Intercontinental 2009 in Minsk, Belarus, where she placed at the top 15.
Zivanna Letisha Siregar (Indonesia) won Elite Model Look Indonesia, then she competed in Elite Model Look Asia Pacific Quest 2006.
Carolyn Yapp (Jamaica) was the 1st Runner-up in Miss Jamaica World and the 2nd Runner-up in Miss Jamaica Universe a few years ago.
Emiri Miyasaka (Japan) was the 2nd Runner-up at Miss International Japan 2008.
Eli Landa (Norway) competed in Model Look International 2003.
Angelika Jakubowska (Poland) and Illuminata James (Tanzania) competed in Miss International 2009, but both did not place.
Mayra Matos (Puerto Rico) previously held the title of Miss Teen International 2006.
Võ Hoàng Yến (Vietnam) was the winner of Vietnam Supermodel 2008 and the first runner-up of Miss Vietnam Universe 2008.
Andella Chileshe Matthews (Zambia) was Miss Zambia UK in 2008.
Clair Cooper last competed in Miss Earth 2007 but did not place.

Other notes
For the first time, the Bahamas hosted the Miss Universe.
Croatia was interested in hosting Miss Universe 2009 but they backed out of the project due to economic problems related to the current global economic crisis.
Last July, investor Jonathan Westbrook tried to get Australia to host Miss Universe 2009 but his efforts were in vain as the possible venues were not interested.
Donald Trump had intentions on holding the 2009 pageant in Dubai, but backed out due to the political instability regarding relations between the United Arab Emirates and Israel and also for religious reasons.
Bolivia – Peru dispute
In August 1, 2009 Bolivian officials stated that it could present a legal challenge to the organizers of Miss Universe due to the planned use of a typical Diablada costume by the Peruvian candidate Karen Schwarz. Pablo Groux, Bolivian minister of Culture, said that any use of the costume by Schwarz in the contest would be an unlawful appropriation of Bolivian heritage and threatened to bring the case to the International Court of Justice. El Comercio, a Peruvian newspaper, mentioned that this is not the first time the diablada costume is shown in the contest and that it was María Josefa Isensee, a Chilean, that first used it in the Miss Universe contest. The Peruvian foreign minister José Antonio García Belaúnde said that since the diablada dress is of indigenous Aymara origin it can not be considered exclusive of any of the countries where Aymaras lives.

Miss Universe 2009:
A New custom diamond tiara and jewelry designed by Diamond Nexus Labs
A year long salary as Miss Universe
A shoe wardrobe from Nina Footwear
A year’s worth of hair care products and tools from Farouk Systems
A swimsuit wardrobe from BSC Swimwear Thailand
An assortment of Love Collection video cameras from DXG USA
An evening gown wardrobe by Carlos Alberto Haute Couture
A 6 day/5 night vacation for two at Atlantis Paradise Island, Bahamas with air travel accommodated by JetBlue Airways
A Skype kit featuring a laptop computer with webcam, speakers and a one year Unlimited World plan to talk to friends and family
A collection of ultra light-weight, fashion fresh Heys USA luggage
Luxury accommodations in a New York City apartment for the duration of her reign, including living expenses
A 2-year scholarship from the New York Film Academy valued at more than $100,000
Personal services including membership to Gravity Fitness and hair services from John Barrett Salon
Modeling portfolio by leading fashion photographer Fadil Berisha
Casting opportunities and professional representation by the Miss Universe Organization
Extensive travel opportunities representing sponsors and charitable partners
Access to various New York city events including movie premieres and screenings, Broadway shows and launch parties
Consultation with stylist Billie Causieestko and access to a personal appearance wardrobe
Professional media/public relations representation by Rubenstein Public Relations and Planet PR in New York City
Dermatology and skincare services provided by Dr. Cheryl Thellman-Karcher
Professional health and nutrition consultation by Tanya Zuckerbrot, MS, RD

1st Runner-up:
$3000 cash award
Gift from Diamond Nexus Labs2nd Runner-up:

$2000 cash award
Gift from Diamond Nexus Labs
3rd Runner-up and 4th Runner-up:

$1000 cash award
Gift from Diamond Nexus Labs
Top 10 and Top 15:

$500 cash award
Special awards winners:

$1,000 cash award
Gift from Diamond Nexus Labs

All contestants:
An assortment of Farouk Systems hair care products
Swimsuit from BSC Swimwear Thailand
Designer shoes from Nina Footwear
Fashions by Carlos Alberto Haute Couture
A Luxe collection video camera from DXG USA
An assortment of items from Atlantis, Paradise Island, Bahamas
A Skype starter pack including a headset and a One year unlimited World Plan
Cosmetics from Kryolan professional make-up