Wednesday, 24 September 2008


Hillevi Rombin
Long Beach, California USA

1st runner-up Maribel Arrieta EL SALVADOR
2nd runner-up Maureen Hingert CEYLON
3rd runner-up Margut Nunke GERMANY
4th runner-up Keiko Takahashi JAPAN
Hilda Isabel Sarli Gorrindo ARGENTINA
Nicole De Mayer BELGIUM
Emilia Barreto Correa Lima BRAZILl
Cathy Diggles CANADA
Margaret Rowe ENGLAND
Maria del Rosario Molina Chacon GUATEMALA
Pastera Pagan Valenzuela HONDURAS
Solveig Borstad NORWAY
Carlene King Johnson USA
Carmen Susana Duijm Zubillaga VENEZUELA

The second Scandinavian delegate to win the title, Hillevi was a very athletic individual. After her reign as Miss Universe, she went on with a movie career in Hollywood and eventually married a movie produced. Unfortunately, she met a tragic death along with her second husband, former US Senator David Schine and her eldest son when their private plane crashed in Los Angeles in 1996. Venezuela's Carmen Zubillaga, a semi-finalist, went on to win the Miss World 1955 crown later on in the year.

Hillevi Rombin's official photograph as
Miss Universe 1955

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