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Natalie Glebova

Miss Universe 2005
Date: May 31, 2005
Presenters: Billy Bush, Nancy O'Dell
Venue: Impact Arena, Bangkok, Thailand
Broadcaster: NBC, Channel 7
Entrants: 81
Placements: 15
Debuts: Latvia
Withdraws: Austria, Cayman Islands, Chinese Taipei, Estonia, Ghana, St Vincent and the Grenadines, Sweden
Returns: Albania, Indonesia, Namibia, Sri Lanka, United Kingdom, US Virgin Islands, Zambia
Winner: Natalie Glebova
Represented: Canada
Miss Universe 2005, the 54th Miss Universe pageant, was held in Bangkok, Thailand on May 31, 2005.

At the conclusion of the final telecast, Miss Universe Canada, Natalie Glebova was crowned Miss Universe 2005 by outgoing titleholder Jennifer Hawkins of Australia. She was the second Canadian to win the title, following Karen Dianne Baldwin who was Miss Universe 1982.

The top fifteen was dominated by contestants from the Americas and Caribbean, whilst the top five consisted entirely of women from these regions.
Host City
Thailand publicized its bid to host the pageant 10 July 2004, during a visit by Jennifer Hawkins, Miss Universe 2004, to the country.[1] At the time, Chile, China and Greece were also being considered to host the event.[1]. One month later, it was announced that Bangkok, Thailand had been informally selected to host the competition, at a cost of US$6.5 million.[2] The cost was to be funded by the Thai government in an attempt to boost tourism.[3] In October the proposal faced difficulties when the Thai government were slow to provide the promised funds, which discouraged prospective sponsors.[4], leading Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra to become personally involved to make sure that plans were not derailed.[5] The organization awarded official hosting rights to the Matching Entertainment company in December 2004, after an unsuccessful attempt by a different company, Showcase Thailand 2005.[6]

In February 2005, after the Thai government confirmed plans to back the pageant, the Deputy Prime Minister refuted claims that the event would be held in Khao Lak, a resort town devastated by the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, but confirmed that Southern Thailand would host events prior to the final competition.[7]

2005 was the second time the pageant was held in Bangkok.[8] The city also hosted the Miss Universe 1992 competition, won by Michelle McLean of Namibia.

The Miss Universe was won by Natalie Glebova of Canada.
The runners-up were:
1st runner-up - Cynthia Olavarría (Puerto Rico)
2nd runner-up - Renata Soñé (Dominican Republic)
3rd runner-up - Laura Elizondo (Mexico)
4th runner-up - Mónica Spear (Venezuela)
The Top 10 (in order of final placement after competing in evening gown and swimsuit): Débora Sulca (Peru), Ieva Kokoreviča (Latvia), Fiona Hefti (Switzerland), Chelsea Cooley (USA), Elena Ralph (Israel)
The Top 15 (in order of final placement after competing in evening gown): Evagelia Aravani (Greece), Claudia Henkel (South Africa), Helene Tråsavik (Norway), Magdalene Walcott (Trinidad and Tobago), Artika Sari Devi (Indonesia)

Special awards
Photogenic: Gionna Cabrera (Philippines)
Congeniality: Tricia Homer (US Virgin Islands)
National Costume: Chananporn Rosjan (Thailand)

Albania - Agnesa Vuthaj
Angola - Zenilde Laurinda Josias
Antigua and Barbuda - Shermain Jeremy
Aruba - Luisana Cicilia
Australia - Michelle Guy
Bahamas - Denia Nixon
Barbados - Nada Yearwood
Belgium - Debby de Waele
Belize - Andrea Elrington
Bolivia - Andrea Abudinen Richter
Brazil - Carina Beduschi
Bulgaria - Galina Gancheva
Canada - Natalie Glebova
Chile - Renata Ruiz
China - Tao Si Yuan
Colombia - Adriana Tarud Durán
Costa Rica - Johanna Fernández
Croatia - Jelena Glišic
Curaçao - Rychacviana Coffie
Cyprus - Elena Hadjidemetriou
Czech Republic - Katerina Smejkalová
Denmark - Gitte Hanspal
Dominican Republic - Renata Soñé
Ecuador - Ximena Zamora
Egypt - Meriam George
El Salvador - Irma Dimas
Ethiopia - Atetegeb Tesfaye
Finland - Hanna Ek
France - Cindy Fabre
Georgia - Rusudan Bochoidze
Germany - Asli Bayram
Greece - Evagelia Aravani
Guatemala - Aida Karina Estrada
Guyana - Candisie Franklin
Hungary - Szandra Proksa
India - Amrita Thapar
Indonesia - Artika Sari Devi
Ireland - Mary Gormley
Israel - Elena Ralph
Italy - Maria Teresa Francville
Jamaica - Raquel Wright
Japan - Yukari Kuzuya
Kenya - Rachel Marete
Korea - So-young Kim
Latvia - Ieva Kokoreviča
Lebanon - Nadine Njeim
Malaysia - Angela Gan
Mauritius - Magalie Antoo
Mexico - Laura Elizondo
Namibia - Adele Basson
Netherlands - Sharita Sopacua
Nicaragua - Daniela Regina Clerk
Nigeria - Roseline Amusu
Norway - Helene Tråsavik
Panama - Rosa María Hernández
Paraguay - Karina Buttner
Peru - Débora Sulca
Philippines - Gionna Cabrera
Poland - Marta Kossakowska
Puerto Rico - Cynthia Olavarría
Russia - Natalia Nikolayeva
Serbia and Montenegro - Jelena Mandic
Singapore - Cheryl Tay
Slovakia - Michaela Drencková
Slovenia - Dalila Dragojevic
South Africa - Claudia Henkel
Spain - Verónica Hidalgo
Sri Lanka - Rozanne Diasz
Switzerland - Fiona Hefti
Thailand - Chananporn Rosjan
Trinidad and Tobago - Magdalene Walcott
Turkey - Dilek Aksoy
Turks & Caicos - Weniecka Ewing
Ukraine - Juliya Chernyshova
United Kingdom - Brooke Johnston
Uruguay - Viviana Arena
USA - Chelsea Cooley
U.S. Virgin Islands - Tricia Homer
Venezuela - Mónica Spear
Vietnam - Pham Thu Hang
Zambia - Cynthia Kanema
Of the Top 15; Puerto Rico, Mexico, Switzerland, USA, Norway, and Trinidad & Tobago were also called to the Top 15 last year.
As well as having debuted in this year's edition, Latvia was also called out to the semi-finals (and finals) for the first time. Latvia ultimately placed 7th overall.
Indonesia was also called out to the semi-finals for the first time, the only Asian country who made it to the Top 15 and placed 15th overall.
Israel was last called out in 2001. South Africa was last called out in 2003. Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Canada, Peru, and Greece were all last called out in 2003.
Venezuela was called back to the semi-finals after its failure to place in 2004 (the last time Venezuela failed to place was in 1982).
Sharlita Millington (British Virgin Islands), Jana Kuvaitseva (Estonia) and Shivern Peters (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines) were expected to compete in the pageant but did not appear. Peters went on to compete at Miss Universe 2006 in Los Angeles, California the following year.
Luisana Cicilia (Aruba), Asli Bayram (Germany), Roseline Amusu (Nigeria) and Magdalene Walcott (Trinidad & Tobago) were not the original representatives for their country but replaced dethroned titleholders.
The following countries returned after some years of absence: United Kingdom (last participated in 2000 as Great Britain), US Virgin Islands (last participated in 2002), Sri Lanka (last participated in 1996), Indonesia (last participated in 1996), Zambia (last participated in 1999), Namibia (last participated in 2003), and Albania (last participated in 2003).
For the first time in the history of the pageant, Sweden did not send a representative to Miss Universe, although they returned for the 2006 pageant.
Cheryl Ankrah was originally crowned Miss Trinidad & Tobago but was dethroned after she was accused of not fulfilling her duties and becoming overweight. Although Ankrah initially got an injunction to prevent another pageant being held, a Judge overturned that and a second Miss Trinidad and Tobago pageant was held. The winner of the second pageant, who represented Trinidad & Tobago at Miss Universe, was Magdalene Walcott. Walcott was earlier a semi-finalist at the 53rd Miss World held in China.
Rychacviana Coffie, Curacao was previously Miss Intercontinental 2002.
Renata Ruiz, Miss Chile, was the first runner-up in Elite Model Look International 2001.
Gitte Hanspal, Miss Denmark was the reigning Miss Scandinavia 2005.

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