Thursday, 25 September 2008


Karen Dianne Baldwin
Lima, Peru

1st runner-up Patty Chong Kerkos GUAM
2nd runner-up Cinzia Fiordeponti ITALY
3rd runner-up Tina Roussou GREECE
4th runner-up Terri Utley USA
Celice Pinto Marques da Silva BRAZIL
Della Frances Dolan ENGLAND
Sari Kaarina Aspholm FINLAND
Kerstin Natalie Paeserack GERMANY
Maria Francesca Zaza Reinoso PERU
Odette Octavia Scrooby SOUTH AFRICA
Silvia Beatriz Vila Abavian URUGUAY

Preliminary competition and preparations for pageant night were extended to a full month unlike previous pageants which lasted for a week or two. Canada's Karen Baldwin won with not much surprise from her fellow delegates and pageant organizers as she was vibrant and eloquent. Controversy arose with the naming of Patty Kerkos as runner-up to Karen. Most vocal was Italy's Cinzia Fiordeponti, the 2nd runner-up “I deserved to be first runner-up!” Cinzia emphasized

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