Wednesday, 24 September 2008


Sylvia Louise Hitchcock
Miami Beach, Florida
Sylvia Hitchcock and her Miss USA court

1st runner-up Mariela Perez Branger
2nd runner-up Jennifer Lewis ENGLAND
3rd runner-up Ritva Helena Lehto FINLAND
4th runner-up Batya Kabiri ISRAEL
Carmen Silvia de Barros Ramasco BRAZIL
Margrethe Rhein Knudsen DENMARK
Elia Kalogeraki GREECE
Irene van Campenhout HOLLAND
Laura Arminda da Costa Roque HONG KONG
Patricia Armstrong IRELAND
Paoli Rossi ITALY
Paquita Delgado Sanchez SPAIN
Eva-Lisa Svensson SWEDEN
Denise Elizabeth Page WALES

Sylvia Louise Hitchcock who hails from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, is the 4th American to win Miss UniversePageant. During this year, fficials advised the panel of judges that “a beauty today must not only have a beautiful face, in perfect contour, but her torso must be be well-formed with the bustline not accentuated, and the back lines of the shoulder almost flat...” Pageant officials allowed contestants to wear false hairpieces and falls for the first time. Padded bras were still banned, though.

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