Thursday, 25 September 2008


Irene Saez Conde
New York City, USA

1st runner-up Dominique Dufour CANADA
2nd runner-up Eva Lena Lundgren SWEDEN
3rd runner-up Adriana Alves de Oliveira
4th runner-up Dominique van Eeckhoudt
Lucia Isabel Vinueza Urgueyez ECUADOR
Marion Kurz GERMANY
Ingrid Johanna Maria Schouten HOLLAND
Donella Elizabeth Thomsen NEW ZEALAND
Mona Olsen NORWAY
Tatiana Teraiamano TAHITI
Kim Seelbrede USA

This year, the favorites for the crown were Venezuela’s Irene Saez, the eventual winner, Miss USA, Kim Seelbreede and Miss Brazil, Adriana Oliveira. The audience cheered wildly for Miss Colombia (Eddy Cano), Dominican Republic (Lucia Pena) and Puerto Rico (Carmen Lotti), in addition to those named above. The host Bob Barker was criticized for his sarcasm during the top 12 interviews which was said to have been the cause for some delegates dropping out from top position in the preliminaries to no position in the finals Among the 12 semifinalists, USA’s Kim . Kim dropped from 2nd place in the preliminary standings, not making the top five. On the other hand, Canada’s Dominique Dufour had the surprise jump of the evening. Barely squeaking into the semifinals in 12th place, she ended up first runner-up, just behind Miss Venezuela, who ran away with the title leading in scores the entire competition.

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