Wednesday, 24 September 2008


Kiriaki Corinna Tsopei
GREECE Miami Beach, Florida

1st runner-up Brenda Blackler ENGLAND
2nd runner-up Ronit Rinat ISRAEL
3rd runner-up Siv Marta Aberg SWEDEN
4th runner-up Lana Yi Yu REP.OF CHINA
Maria Amelia Ramirez ARGENTINA
Olga Monica Carpio Oropeza BOLIVIA
Angela Teresa Pereira de Vasconcellos BRAZIL
Sirpa Wallenius FINLAND
Edith Noel FRANCE
Emanuela Stramana ITALY
Jorunn Nystedt Barun NORWAY
Miriam Riart Brugada PARAGUAY
Bobbi Johnson USA
Mercedes Revenga de la Rosa VENEZUELA

Miss Universe 1964 Corinne Tsopei was an incessant eater and it was claimed that she ate potatoes three times a day. Her appetite a constant topic of conversation. Again, controversy colored the pageant. Edna Park, Nigeria's first delegate to Miss Universe, had written in her diary that she entered the contest to "win the crown." She collapsed after not hearing her name in the semi-finalists roster. Scotland's Doreen Swan walked out of the contest, charging that pageant rules and activities made her feel like she was in prison" It was said that the real root of the problem was that Doreen wished to go home to her boyfriend and tie the knot. It was during this pageant that the 15 semi-finalists were cut to 10.

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